Radio Program

WORDS OF WISDOM Radio Program (3)Words of Wisdom is a half an hour radio program and can be heard on CITA RADIO 90.1 FM every second Thursday morning at 9:30 a.m. It is presented by Pastor Linda Jones of Walking on Water Teaching and Equipping Centre and founder and director of Women of Worth.
This program is designed to:

  • Inspire and provide practical Biblical answers for everyday living;
  • Minister to words of hope and healing to lives;
  • Restore those who are lost or away from Christ back to His care.
  • Teach and equip the Body of Christ with relevant truths for life and ministry

It is our intention that the program will also entice you to search the word of God and discover nuggets of wisdom and revelation for your life.

Vision Statement

  • To present the reality of Jesus Christ and His Word in practical and relevant ways that offer solutions to everyday challenges that people face.
  • To inspire hope to the hopeless and bring healing to damaged lives
  • Ultimately to restore the backslidden and bring the lost to Christ

Listen to Words of Wisdom:

  • Wilt thou be made whole?
  • What do you want me to do for you?

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