Preparing for Your New Season – Lessons from Elisha



• Be Spiritually Sensitive to the Shift
Elijah did just what God told him to do – “take off your cloak and put it on Elisha” – 1Kings 19:19 He was about to leave when Elisha ran after him and said “Please let me kiss my father and my mother and then I will follow you”, and Elijah said to him All right, go back. I’m not stopping you!” (Good News Bible). Elisha knew this was a special moment. He wasn’t sure what it all meant but whatever it was he was not about to let it pass or anything stop him. What Elijah did was no ordinary act and Elisha was sensitive enough to perceive it and act in accordance. It was Elisha’s kairos moment!
Elisha knew that he had to make some changes from his routine life; actually he abandoned it. He left the known for the unknown – that is risky!
You too must be sensitive enough to recognize that moment when your mentor comes on the scene on our life. Many will come but there is that special person. Ask God to make you sensitive to that moment.

Written by Pastor Linda P. Jones©

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