Judah Precedes the fulfilment of the Prophetic Word

Hannah was a woman disgraced and despised because of her barrenness. Peninnah taunted her mercilessly because of this. Added to that Hannah was also dissatisfied with her husband’s concern for her, it couldn’t make up for the child she desperately wanted. Nevertheless she persisted in prayer for a son.  Then the day came when the prophetic word was released from Eli the priest that the Lord had granted her petition that she asked of Him.  Hannah immediately went from petitioning to praising for the answer to her prayer, even though there was no physical manifestation of the word at the time.  But it was only a matter of time that Hannah gave birth to that promise, Samuel.

Sometime while waiting for the fulfillment of prophetic word of the Lord, one can get discouraged but when we employ consistent praising, it releases faith, and faith makes the way for the actualization of the promise of God.

Written by Pastor Linda P. Jones©

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