Judah leads you to a Personal Encounter with the Lord

Goshen represents to us not only a fertile place of material and spiritual blessings but also a place where we have an encounter with God.  Goshen was the part of Egypt that Joseph arranged for his father and brothers to live in.  He knew that the Egyptians hated shepherds and would not have wanted them dwelling in the same place as they, so he told his brothers to let the Egyptians know that their occupation was caring for livestock (Genesis 45:18; 46:34).  It was a set up. Goshen literally means drawing near. As we praise and celebrate and worship we draw nearer and nearer to God. He said draw nigh to Me and I will draw near to you – James 4:8. When all around is experiencing famine and lack when you employ Judah, when you employ your praise it changes everything for good; you are protected, provided for materially and spiritually, you prosper, and you grow in a closer personal relationship with the Lord.

Written by Pastor Linda P. Jones©

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