Horeb – ‘The Horeb-ble’ place is a place of Humility

On Mt. Horeb, the ex-Prince of Egypt was minding sheep, sheep not even his own. It is in that place of brokenness and failure and discouragement God prepares us for great authority and responsibility.  When we are broken we become more malleable and so God can mold us for His use.  It is here Jehovah asks us as He did Moses “What is in your hand” –Exodus 4:2.

We know what is in our hand is really not humanly adequate for the assignment. But is there we realize that it is not by might nor by power but by the Spirit of God. In Exodus 17 when the Amalekites attacked Israel, God’s strategy for victory was for Moses to go up unto a nearby mountain and take the rod, the dry stick which was now the ‘staff of God’ and hold it up over the battlefield.  The result – the victory was won the enemy defeated. We often hear people say that God has to break us before He can use us.  On Horeb the first thing that must happen is the breaking of our wills, our pride, our self-sufficiency, the putting aside our own ideas of how things should be.  I also heard it said, that any man or woman that God uses greatly has been first greatly broken. Don’t be put off if at first your Horeb is a place of humbling. God is up to something

Written by Pastor Linda Jones©

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