How many of you had your parent say to you, “Behave yourself!” or “Don’t you know how to behave?” Recently it caught my attention the many times ‘be‘ such and such that are mentioned in Scripture, and I realized that the Holy Spirit gave a long list of be’s that are to be our be-haviour patterns or be our attitudes as believers.
The word ‘behave‘ is made up of the words ‘be‘ – and ‘have. ‘Be‘ means “what is to happen, to have a particular quality or attribute; to remain, expressing continuation, to live, be alive, to be situated, to transpire, to take place.” ‘Have’ means to “own something, to have a friendship or relationship with, have what it takes, to contain, to comprise, to possess, to exhibit, to produce, to bear, to give birth to”. The dictionary meaning for ‘behave‘ is to perform, to act, to conduct oneself, or to work. The ‘be’s we are going to explore from Scripture are the particular qualities or attributes we ought to perform, possess, to exhibit, to live by, to produce or bear… as those who profess to be followers of Christ.

So this year let’s behave ourselves in a way that people know to Whom we belong and Who lives inside of us.

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