There is a word that is released in the spiritual atmosphere, it is the word ARISE, but this word is not only being sent out by the Spirit of the Lord to His Church. I have been hearing also… it is being sent out by spirits of the realms of darkness!!. A trusted member of our ministry had a dream this Sunday in the a.m. She heard a voice as though ringing throughout the length and breath of this island, shouting ARISE TO ALLAH! She woke startled expecting to see someone standing right next to her bed because the voice was so strong and clear, then she realized it was only a dream!


Body of Christ be aware of what is happening in the spirit, the spirit of Islam has targeted this nation, it is subtle, they are waging a cultural jihad!. This is not a jihad of suicide bombers and war etc. but is one of cultural infilration to our young men and women. They will fill positions in society,(see Sunday Sun) they will marry our daughters and our sons…

It is time, awake from from our slumber, and pettyiness, awake from spiritual apathy, AWAKE AND FILL YOUR POSITIONS ON THE WALL, AWAKE TO OUR MINISTRIES, AWAKE CHURCH!!… ARISE And SHINE – Isaiah 6O:1.

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